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 It’s Tax time! But are you prepared?

Filing taxes and returns is an intimidating task. The whole process brings about a feeling of frustration which is why so many people put off their preparation for taxes till the last moment. Let’s face it, taxes are a big part of our lives and we need to file returns, whether we like it or not.

What’s really at stake?

If you’re earning an average income, you are likely to pay thousands of dollars in income tax over the course of your life, whether you’re earning actively or withdrawing from your retirement fund. With amount this big, doing your taxes properly can make a big difference to your finances. You can save a lot of money by being strategic.

Get the right tax-preparation help!

One of the basic choices that most people face is whether to visit a tax preparer for one-on-one advice or to use an online service. Although online services may seem convenient there is nothing like a personal touch. A thorough discussion of your state of affairs, rather than just filling in the required fields on a web page, can help in identifying deductions that you did not think of, or prompt you towards making different tax-related decisions for the future.

At Fay Jamasbi our knowledgeable tax pros love digging through the complicated tax code to find every deduction and credit our clients have coming.

How we help?

  • Our qualified experts will check and recheck your tax return by using sophisticated computer software to identify potential problems that the IRS may look closely.
  • We can file your tax return electronically so that you get a refund quickly.
  • Our tax pros will tell you how to adjust the payroll withholding to get more cash back each week.
  • We will advise you on potential deductions to reduce your tax liability for the subsequent year.

Why wait till the last moment to get your documents in order? Call our experts now for consultation!

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