Tax Planning

Did you know that you can lower your tax bill with proper tax planning?

The biggest mistake you can make is to wait till April to concern yourself with your taxes. Throughout the year, there are several financial decisions that can be taken to reduce the amount of taxes you owe to the government. There are proven policies that maximize your after-tax income.

How to make your money work hard for you?

At Fay Jamasbi, we have a number of specialists who have the expertise to serve both commercial and individual clients. We make it our priority to stay updated on changes to tax laws, new tax regulations, and complexity of the tax code.  We constantly look for ways to reduce your tax liability by taking into consideration all permitted deductions while making use of modern tax preparation software.

How we help?

We assist you in:

  • Reducing taxes so you can keep more of your income;
  • Reducing taxes on all your investments so that you are able to grow your wealth faster;
  • Reducing taxes on your assets and estate so your family is able to keep more of what you’ve created;
  • Taking advantage of investments that are tax deferred and/or tax exempt.

Our tax saving strategies comprise of:

  • Dividing income among several legal entities or family members in order to get more of the taxed income in lower bracket
  • Making specific investment choices such as, contributions, pension plans, and other such plans to defer tax liabilities
  • Using specific investments to generate income that is tax exempt from either state, federal or both taxing bodies.
  • Searching for tax deductions by structuring your income to pay for stuff you enjoy, like a vacation home.

Building wealth necessitates a careful look at your financial picture at large, specifically your own personal situations and tax implications. Call our experts now to save your tax money for a better tomorrow!

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