Cash Flow Management

Do you suffer from negative cash flow? Are you making profit but still have no money to invest? Is your business always looking to borrow cash?

One of the best ways to increase savings, protect your bottom line, control debt, and build long-term wealth is to make sure you have solid cash flow management. Attaining a healthy cash flow, however, does not happen by chance. You must acquire a detailed view of how you manage your money. Look at things such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory and credit terms. You need to start analyzing the inflow and outflow of your money to gain a better perspective.

Keeping track of every detail and organizing financial data is nearly impossible for the owner. This is why it becomes so important to hire a consultant to do the job. A professional will help you in:

  • Setting up clear goals
  • Starting a budget
  • Getting all your financial data sorted and organized.
  • Analyzing your present cash flow situation

Fay Jamasbi

At Fay Jamasbi, we have a team of qualified individuals who help you record, organize and store all of your business and private financial transactions.

Benefits of hiring us

  • We help you get a better perceptive on the profit drivers in your business
  • A clear perspective on the cash needed to run your business
  • Identify the weaknesses and strengths of your business
  • Create a more efficient and streamline organization
  • Plan ahead for any seasonal fluctuations
  • Help you obtain the best rate of return on your idle cash
  • Prepare historical cash flow statements to assist you in understanding where all the cash went.

Fay Jamasbi has everything you will need to manage your workflow, stay organized, and save your time. For a detailed budget and cash flow plan, get in touch with our experts today!

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